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Punk Rock HR

Jul 8, 2019

Let’s Fix Work Episode 67

This week’s guest is Mandie Brice. She's a hair and makeup artist, a model, and the host of The Bold Moves Podcast.  I first met Mandie when I needed a hair and makeup artist for an event. When Mandie came into my hotel room, I didn't know a thing about her. I soon found out she's a phenomenally talented individual who's a former Milwaukee Public School teacher. She didn't like the political system in Milwaukee, the state of Wisconsin, or America and decided to transform her side hustle into her full-time job. 

This episode represents a moment in my life when I was curious enough about someone to just shut up and listen to them tell a story. While she was doing my hair and makeup, I played podcast host without even realizing it, I asked her some questions and she told me her life story. It was so interesting and fascinating that I knew I needed to ask her to be a guest on Let’s Fix Work to do it all over again. So if you've ever wondered how to make a move from the thing that you're doing today to something else that you love and still pay your bills, then sit back and listen to this episode of Let’s Fix Work

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. The reason why Mandie decided to leave her career as a teacher to become a makeup artist
  2. How and why she chose makeup and beauty as her entrepreneurial journey
  3. What Mandie deems the most surprising about the makeup and beauty industry
  4. Mandie turns the tables and picks my brain on public speaking
  5. What I love and don't love about speaking
  6. How to get paid to speak or rather how to get started
  7. Why currency isn't just cash currency

Resources from this episode: 

@MandieBrice on Twitter &Instagram + @MakeupByMandieBrice on Instagram