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Punk Rock HR

Sep 2, 2019

Let’s Fix Work Episode 74

We talk about and “remember” 9/11 in America in a very callous way, without truly remembering that nearly 3,000 people died at work. Nearly 3,000 people

The 2996 project aims to remember those people. For years, I've been writing about Claudia Martinez Foster. Claudia had a fun life.  She wanted to start a family. She loved children. She loved makeup.  She had a job on the 105th floor of Tower One, World Trade Center. And, she lost her life on September 11th, 2001, at work.  I will never stop writing or talking about Claudia. 

This week I wanted to share with you my thoughts on old Labor Day traditions, the emergence of the “new” Labor Day and remembering 9/11.  If the topic of terrorism is hard for you (as it is for many of us) or you’ve lost someone on 9/11, this episode might be one you want to skip. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. My memorial to Claudia Martinez Foster
  2. Why the idea of Labor Day as a union holiday is an old and stupid idea
  3. The new Labor Day, a day for remembering, a day of service and moving towards self-awareness
  4. A reminder that you have a chance to do something great, don’t blow it

Resources from this episode:

Claudia Foster, 26, broker's assistant, loved children

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Cocktails Before the Collapse

Project 2996

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