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Punk Rock HR

Sep 16, 2019

Let’s Fix Work Episode 76

This week on the podcast, we are going “meta” because my podcast producer Danny Ozment of Emerald City Productions is my special guest. If you are wondering what podcasting has to do with work, well, I often get asked questions about individual podcasting and enterprise podcasting. Questions like, “How do we do this in our organization?” “How do we have a podcast where the CEO talks to the employees, but we keep it confidential?” Or, “How do we have a podcast for the marketing department to let other departments within the organization know the cool things that we're working on?” And I don't really have any of those answers. But my fantastic podcast producer, Danny, does have the answers.

So today we talk about individual and enterprise podcast strategies that work. As well as who Danny is and how he got into podcasting, we also go through some of my listeners’ questions on what this wide world of podcasting is and how it can help to fix work. So if you're interested in employee communications, if you want to help people communicate more effectively, if you want to foster creativity, collaboration, and transparency, I think podcasting might be a solution for you. So sit back, and listen to this episode of Let’s Fix Work.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. Danny’s “why” for why he works in podcasting, why podcasts are the one good form of new media for one long conversation and for sharing real stories.
  2. The growth and popularity of podcasting
  3. More than 50% of Americans listen to podcasts, and that number has been rising for 10 years. Of those, 90% consume at least half of the episode.
  4. What enterprise podcasting is and how podcasts can be protected inside a business to keep information confidential.
  5. Why corporations are choosing podcasting as a vehicle to communicate important messages.
  6. How a podcast happens at work and the main element needed to create one. 
  7. The basic necessary equipment and process to record and produce a podcast.

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