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Punk Rock HR

Dec 2, 2019

Let’s Fix Work Episode 86

When my podcast producer, Danny Ozment, first told me about virtual summits, I was like, “Wait, what is that all about?” Once I learned more, I realized a virtual summit is a fantastic tool for inner work. The theme in my life and my work for many years has been to help people explore their inner selves and solve their own problems. To affirm that theme, at the tail end of 2019 I am holding The Self-Leadership Summit, a virtual summit to help attendees move from a state of learned helplessness to active leadership, in their own lives. 

The process of self auditing, of understanding our values, of knowing who we are and where we want to go in the world, is the first step in moving toward self-leadership. Sure, you can hire a life coach or business coach, work with a mentor or be part of a mastermind, but you really need to know yourself first. We fix work by fixing ourselves. If you want to learn more about The Self-Leadership Summit, including the speakers and presentations, relax and enjoy this episode of Let’s Fix Work. 


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. The short and sweet definition of a virtual summit 
  2. The Self-Leadership Summit, what it’s all about
  3. Speakers who will be appearing, including old friends and new 
  4. The topics you can expect to hear about, including how the hustle is the opposite of leadership, and how to stop being a jackass in 2020
  5. What attendees can expect and get as part of their registration


Resources from this episode:

Self-Leadership Summit
Jennifer McClure
Mary Ellen Slayter
Anthony Ranaudo
Scott Stratten
Carlos Rios
Torin Ellis
The Jackass Whisperer, by Scott Stratten
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