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Punk Rock HR

Dec 23, 2019

Let’s Fix Work Episode 87

This week my BFF, Jennifer McClure, joins me on the podcast. Jennifer is a professional speaker and business advisor. She helps leaders embrace the future of work and leverage their influence to create positive, lasting change in and through their organizations. She is also the CEO of DisruptHR, an information exchange designed to energize, inform, and empower people in the HR field. 

Today’s episode is a great representation of what happens when Jennifer and I get together to chat. We typically start off on one topic, in this case it was my book writing and publishing journey, and move on to the next, in a somewhat rapid-fire succession. You’ll hear us chat about work, including our 2020 work outlook and epiphanies about time management. We also discuss burnout and rethinking the way we view business.

So if you want to hear two BFFs talk about the importance of slowing down, our outlook on work in 2020, and some other random topics, then relax and enjoy this episode of Let’s Fix Work. 


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. About Laurie’s book writing journey, the editing process, and what to expect in the new year and beyond
  2. Goodreads and Amazon as incredibly important platforms for authors and how Laurie’s publishing team is prepping for her book launch later next year
  3. Where in the world is Jennifer McClure? Some of the sights and sounds she will be traveling to in 2020
  4. Jennifer’s epiphanies around time management, which she had while recovering from a horse-riding accident
  5. What we are excited about for 2020, including doing things a little bit differently in our lives, including getting a bit more sober and taking a time Sabbath  


Resources from this episode:

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