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Punk Rock HR

Jun 22, 2020

Punk Rock HR Episode 114:

Reverend Wendy Hamilton joins me to talk about the storm before the calm. In other words, the process of dealing with recurring problems and tackling the root cause of what's happening in our society, to get to a place of social justice. Reverend Wendy is a D.C. area activist, minister, and mother who's holding workshops on grief and trauma in the age of civil unrest. Wendy helps us work through grief, addresses faith, and the intersection of the two. This episode covers power, politics, money, race, and God. Yes, we cover a lot. I hope you enjoy our conversation. 


In this episode you'll hear:

  1. Universal basic income and why everyone deserves to have their basic needs met.
  2. The intersection of social justice and faith.
  3. Reverend Wendy's perspective around grief and trauma and what she's doing to address it.
  4. We discuss the various PR statements distributed by businesses around racism and equality. 
  5. The many opportunities available to leaders in this moment of societal and civil change.
  6. The problem with our identity being so tied to our work. 


Resources from this episode:

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