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Punk Rock HR

Sep 14, 2020

Punk Rock HR Episode 126:

Today’s guest is author and speaker Minda Harts. If you have ever wondered who’s fighting for women of color to get a seat at the table, it’s Minda. Her book, Memo, has opened the doors for women and other authors to talk about what’s really happening in the world of work. 

On top of her nationally recognized book, Minda has a terrific LinkedIn account, a prolific blog, and great Instagram and Twitter accounts. Most importantly, she is an amazing podcaster and the host of the show, Secure the Seat. Minda is a self-proclaimed career revolutionary. Her goal is to leave the workplace better than she found it.

In this episode, Minda and I are talking about her work, including her new book. We discuss where she gets her inspiration and passion for the content she creates. I’m so excited to talk to someone who’s kicking butt and taking names. Tune in to be a part of the conversation.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  1. The different mediums Minda uses to get her message out.
  2. What her book, Memo, is all about and what lessons people can get out of it.
  3. Where she learned the lessons she shares in Memo.
  4. Her writing process for Memo and how she established her tone.
  5. The origin story that made her who she is today.
  6. How she knows she’s making a difference in her community.
  7. How she responds to those who complain about what she says and does.
  8. How to overcome imposter syndrome.
  9. What success means to her.
  10. Why she is excited about the future of work.

Resources from this episode:

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