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Punk Rock HR

Sep 21, 2020

Punk Rock HR Episode 127:

Today’s guests are Robert Williams and Brian Baucom. They are the co-founders of a company called 4 Oaks Ventures. The team at 4 Oaks provides quality PPE and COVID-19 testing to employees and industries all over America.

Robert and Brian are my neighbors in this community. They’re my friends. However, I also brought them onto the show to advise them on how to talk and work with HR departments to make clear the importance of quality PPE and COVID-19 testing and cut through the noise.

We’re talking about the real issues behind the challenges of finding a PPE that’s not counterfeit or just disgusting and finding COVID-19 testing and strategies that really work. If you work in human resources, logistics, or marketing and you need to go back to work in an office at some point, this episode will be very helpful for you. Tune in for an informative and incredible conversation with Robert and Brian.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  1. The impetus behind Robert and Brian co-founding 4 Oaks.
  2. Why they thought they could help when so many other organizations didn’t.
  3. What the early days of the pandemic were like for them.
  4. What Robert saw in the PPE testing market in April and where it is now.
  5. Their particular area of response to COVID-19 and what they are providing.
  6. COVID-19 testing and what it means for returning to work.
  7. How their door to door service differentiates them in the marketplace.
  8. What their interactions with multiple constituencies within organizations have been like.
  9. What pool testing is.


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