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Punk Rock HR

Nov 2, 2020

Punk Rock HR Episode 133:

In case you haven’t heard, I have a new book coming out called Betting On You: How to Put Yourself First and Finally Take Control of Your Career. The journey of writing a book has been both straightforward and surprising. Throughout each step of the process, something happened to my health or my family, making it a journey for sure. 

The easiest part of it all is writing the book; the business of publishing, on the other hand, is extremely complex. Beyond the many surface-level considerations, there’s the whole secondary market of getting your books into the hands of people.

So that is what we’re talking about on the podcast today. I brought on my dear friend and Hall of Fame keynote speaker and author, Scott Stratten. Scott is the founder of The UnMarketing Movement and a true marketing genius. He has been where I am now, at the beginning of a book launch. So, this episode will be a good old-fashioned mentoring conversation. Tune in and I know you’ll learn something, too.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  1. What the favor economy is and why it’s breaking my heart right now.
  2. Some of the sketchy ways books are sold today.
  3. What nominations really mean.
  4. Why it’s so critical to figure out your end goal when writing a book.
  5. All the work that actually goes into making a book.
  6. One thing about the book publishing process that has surprised Scott.


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