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Punk Rock HR

Nov 23, 2020

Punk Rock HR Episode 136:

Every once in a while, I get to lean into my punk rock roots and do something a little different on this podcast. On today’s show, I’m introducing you to David Mahmoudieh and his new movie called Snake Dick.

David is the writer and director of this film and today we are talking about his creative journey. You don’t just wake up one morning and say, “I’m going to write and direct a film.” There’s actually a lot of heartache and a lot of lessons learned along the way. I think it’s interesting to talk to a creative professional about his journey and think about the parallels to your journey in marketing, sales, procurement, or even in human resources.

If you’ve ever dreamed about taking a risk and following your dreams, or even if you’re just a film of neo-noir short films, you’re going to love this conversation with David. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  1. David’s origin story.
  2. The part of the creative journey that he enjoys the most.
  3. The recurring themes in each of our lives.
  4. What Snake Dick is all about.
  5. How he demonstrates humanity in a way that brings something different to it.
  6. His experience writing a script in the midst of all the changes happening in the world.
  7. Where you can find David’s film.


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