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Punk Rock HR

Jul 31, 2023

Ever wondered about the deep-rooted intersection of alcohol science and corporate culture?

In this inaugural episode, I welcome Dr. Jared Pelo, a physician, executive, and entrepreneur who takes us on an insightful journey through the uncharted territories of corporate drinking and its impact on health. His experiences, including an acquisition by Microsoft, have honed his perspective on thriving amidst the complexities of corporate culture and alcohol science. 

As the conversation continues, we explore the progression of alcohol abuse and its ever-shifting cultural dynamics. From managing social pressure in a comfortable environment to discussing the health implications of increased alcohol consumption, we pull no punches. Add to this the accelerated narrative around suffering and despair intensified by the pandemic, and you're in for a thought-provoking discussion.

Finally, we focus on fostering a workplace culture of help and health. How can corporate wellness programs, government incentives, and social media influences contribute? How can employers empower their employees, and what can individuals do to enhance their work environments? Dr. Pelo and I look honestly at complex problems like racism and gender disparity that may persist beyond our lifetime but are worth our tireless efforts. 

Along with Dr. Jared Pelo, let's navigate the labyrinth of corporate drinking together.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The complex relationship between alcohol and corporate culture
  • An exploration of the progression of alcohol abuse and its transformation of acceptance over the years
  • Strategies to navigate social pressures surrounding alcohol and the health risks associated with excessive consumption
  • The impact of the global pandemic on conversations around mental health, suffering, and despair
  • The possibilities of fostering a workplace culture that prioritizes health and assistance
  • A reflection on the persisting issues of racism and gender disparity within the workplace
  • The impacts of alcohol on our health, including damage to organs, disruption of sleep cycles, and increased risk of certain diseases

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