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Punk Rock HR

Jul 31, 2023

As a host, I’ve had the privilege of discussing many bold and brave stories. Still, this conversation with Jessica Winder, the senior vice president of people at Refine Labs and founder of Hidden Gem Career Coaching, truly resonates deeply.

Brace yourselves as Jessica unearths her personal confrontation with alcohol addiction, an unspoken secret in her family tree, and the lifeline she found in her career. We navigate her journey through sobriety and relapse, shedding light on how she used her professional success to mask her struggles.

A poignant part of our discussion revolves around Jessica's experiences in the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) program, where she grappled with feelings of isolation and sought solace in others. Her life took a pivotal turn when she received a DUI, a wake-up call that initiated her sober journey. Jessica also shares insights on how corporations can support sobriety and address historical trauma, a topic often overlooked in corporate conversations. 

In the final stages of our conversation, Jessica opens up about how her sobriety has positively impacted her personal and professional life. From strengthening her marriage to reigniting her creative spark, Jessica reveals the unexpected benefits of her recovery. She discusses her new-found passion for journaling, her ambitions for a startup, and her aspiration to author a book. Ending on a hopeful note, Jessica imparts her career coaching philosophy centered around personal resonance over financial gains.

This discussion with Jessica Winder is a compelling tale of overcoming personal adversities, reaching professional success, and finding true fulfillment in one's career.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Jessica Winder's struggle with alcohol addiction resulting from unacknowledged addiction issues within her family
  • Her use of professional success as a cover-up for her addiction and proof that she was not struggling with alcoholism
  • Jessica’s feelings of isolation in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings as often the only black woman in attendance.
  • Her recognition of her problem when she found a meeting for Black people online
  • How a DUI started Jessica’s sober journey, positively impacting her personal and professional life by reigniting her creative spark, strengthening her marriage, and finding a passion for journaling
  • The importance of corporations supporting sobriety and addressing historical trauma in the workplace
  • Jessica's career coaching philosophy based on personal resonance over financial gains, encouraging people to find careers they love

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