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Punk Rock HR

Apr 9, 2018

With all the wisdom out there about creating a great culture at work, you might think companies would have it well in hand by now. Unless you actually work in one of those companies. Creating a great culture at work isn’t as easy as it sounds. Sometimes it’s up to you to be the change you want to see. This week's guest Amanda Hite explains how to be the change at work.

  • One of the best things companies can do is to treat their employees like humans who have lives, families, responsibilities, and interests. At the same time, knowing this can also open people up to other difficulties. Amanda shares the story of being offered a promotion as long as she promised NOT to talk about her LGBT lifestyle.
  • When you look at different companies across the globe in terms of culture problems, you see themes emerge. Amanda shares some of these themes, the most prevalent being the generational gaps and how quickly the world is changing. The old regimes are threatened by the highly intelligent younger generation stepping in.
  • Like it or not, we’re all embroiled in politics. It affects the experience we have at work, so Amanda shares a view you might not expect: what’s going RIGHT for work in regards to politics in America. In a world where information can go worldwide in a matter of minutes, issues in the workplace are brought to light and must be addressed by companies. Changes are made to culture because of it.
  • Have you heard the term ‘weaponization of social media?’ As troubling as the reality of it is, it’s a fascinating concept. Laurie and Amanda talk about how the promise behind platforms like Twitter has changed into damage control, and how the younger generations will need to lead the charge to turn it around.
  • In its current state, poverty is down. Life expectancy is up. Seems great, and it is. But trust is at an all-time low. From trust within organizations to trust between organizations and the public, Laurie and Amanda talk about where trust is emerging and how to foster it.
  • So what happens when your workplace isn’t an actual workplace? If you’re in the freelance, gig economy, you don’t have an HR department. So what change can you actually be? Amanda believes that there are already innovations happening that are making it better. She shares some of her favorites.
  • If you want to fix work, you need to start by fixing yourself. It’s a bold declaration that Laurie makes, and Amanda shares her own thoughts on how to fix work. She also shares how SHE’S fixing her own company and the experience her employees have.

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