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Punk Rock HR

Sep 17, 2018

Would it surprise you if we said that a large number of female leaders in America were Girl Scouts? Sylvia is a Rocket Scientist, STEM Leader, and Tech Founder, and she’s also the Girl Scouts of America's CEO. Join Laurie and Sylvia as they unravel the GSUSA vital role in the development of next-gen leaders and how they sustain their programs.

  • Dynamic leadership programs, time-tested methods, and supportive learning environments: this is what separates the GSoA from other institutions. And how can we ever forget their famous cookies? Amazing products aside, do you know what their finest contribution to society is? It’s their active role in developing the next generation of leaders, innovators and impact makers. But how do they do it?
  • The industrial age is almost over. Job opportunities have become reliant on technology. But in our attempt to move forward and develop new technology, today’s workforce is struggling to keep up with the changes. Very few women are in the technology industry’s talent pipeline and this often diminishes the female perspective in the workforce equation.
  • So how can the GSoA and other institutions impact the current state of the workforce? They invest in building core leadership skills in young girls. This enables them to become functional key members in their organizations. They cultivate entrepreneurial skills from selling cookies, and as simple as it sounds, the effect is profound. They also empower girls to be action takers and decision makers in a supportive environment. They even have a STEM program that develops their skill and confidence to take part in the science and technology industries.
  • With that said, would it be much of a surprise to know that Sylvia was once a girl scout too?! Sylvia traces the development of her leadership skills back to when she was reciting the Girl Scout pledge. GSoA was the type of environment that nurtured her transformative ideas, drive, and compassion. Now she is as an esteemed entrepreneur, rocket scientist, and thought leader.
  • As the CEO of the Girl Scouts of America, Sylvia has done a lot to improve existing programs. She’s a staunch supporter of implementing STEM programs to spark the girls’ curiosity. She believed that there was a way to make the learning experience fun and relevant. They’ve even released new badges reflecting the latest programs. Needless to say, Sylvia is very progressive and optimistic that it will improve in the future.
  • How can their positive impact be measured? What is the evidence that they are successful in their pursuit of excellence? The Girl Scouts Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards are granted to girls who have developed potentially world-changing projects with promising long-term positive effects in their respective communities.

We hope you have learned how these institutions play a crucial part in improving the work cycle. It's not just about Thin Mints and Samoas. The bottom line is that empowering women will radically change the workforce AND the world.

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