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Punk Rock HR

Dec 10, 2018

For episode two of this season, we welcome Nando Rodriguez and German Marin from Brooklyn New York to the show. Nando Rodriguez is a former recruiter and blogger who now works as a coach, influencer and an advocate. German is a LinkedIn headshot and online dating photographer. Both live their lives openly on social media as entrepreneurs and influencers.


To start the interview Laurie asks Nando and German about their early careers, how they got into their current jobs and what it is like living in the public eye through social media. Nando discusses his time as a blogger and what it is like using social media for dating and business, he and German also talk about how they initially met and how their careers have intertwined with their personal lives.


Next, we delve into how Nando and German support and lift each other up in their daily lives. Nando illustrates that knowing someone’s signals and boundaries often come with time, but it is important not to rely on each other for everything. German talks a bit about resisting the urge to control and knowing when to stop and listen. Laurie and the guys then talk about the issues people face when trying to talk about relationships in public and the stigma that often accompanies it.


Laurie then probes into the finer points of Nando and German’s social media profiles. She asks how they decide what to post, what not to post and how you can balance presentation with authenticity. German explains how to overcome the fear of being on camera and how to use the venerability you feel to create a genuine post.


In the final segment of this episode, Laurie asks what Nando and German have planned for 2019 and what they each expect from the other, to assist them in accomplishing their goals. The guys talk about some of their own experiences where their work was broken and how they fixed it, which leads into a discussion about the psychology of inferiority and how being an immigrant can play into that. Nando tells some stories about German’s adjustment process and his self-perception. Before we say goodbye Nando and German talk a little about their dog and her booming social media career.




Nando Rodriguez 


German Marin 


Leona the Lion