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Punk Rock HR

Sep 10, 2018

Did you know that a business has many of the same dynamics as a marriage? Everything that happens in a marriage (the good and the bad) is no different from what you can expect when running a business. Now, if you think keeping your business/marriage afloat is tough, just wait until you come face to face with toxic masculinity in the workplace. There’s never a dull moment in today’s podcast as Laurie invites President of, William Tincup, to dive into the art and science of entrepreneurship — and how we have to do better to end toxic male behavior in the workplace.

  • Laurie has known William Tincup for years and regards him as a friend and a mentor, a man of many talents who has always given her sound advice based on his many years of experience as an entrepreneur.
  • Today, William and Laurie share their experiences and take a critical look at startups, entrepreneurship, and how to address and amend toxic masculinity in the workplace. They also talk a little about art!
  • A business is a vehicle for relationships where people exchange services for monetary gain. But before you dive into creating a business, you always have to START somewhere first. There are several things to consider before starting a business and, contrary to popular belief, you do not make it as an entrepreneur with sheer passion alone. You can’t give what you don’t have, so if you only have the passion to run your business, it’s going to fall short on other aspects.

Critical considerations that are required before creating your own startup:

  • What do you name your company? Do you take the realistic route, where your website name spells out what services you provide? Or do you go for the more abstract approach and come up with a witty made-up word that tells a good story about what your company does? Well, of course, the name of your business is important, but it's not nearly as vital as your business’s brand being memorable. Both choices have their merits, as long as you create a memorable business, service and brand.
  • Likeability + Compelling = Memorable… and then convert “memorable” into revenue. You’ll need to find the perfect balance between the art and the science of a startup. Think of it this way: the “Science” aspect is product development, the “Art” aspect is marketing and delivering the product – both need to be in sync with each other for the coherent whole to work.
  • Great communication is where most companies struggle. William Tincup forwards one reason for this poor communication: that men are not exactly the best communicators. It is difficult for them to learn to apologize, and sometimes even give a proper compliment when it is merited. So, what can men do to change for the better? Tincup has one crucial strategy to begin: men need to STOP interrupting, talking over, and ignoring women when they are sharing their ideas and opinions. No more mansplaining, guys! And it’s up to other men to call it out in their peers.
  • There’s nothing easy about being an entrepreneur. You need to put in your best effort to service your customers and treat your employees well. The hustle never stops and the decisions don’t come easy. If you’re launching a startup because you think it’s going to be easy, consider this your first warning!

There is so much work left ahead of us to make work a better place for all. It can be discouraging, which is why it’s extremely important to remember that nothing worth doing is ever easy. Keep fighting the good entrepreneurial fight — it’s never too late to do your part to fix work for everyone.

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