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Punk Rock HR

Jun 4, 2018

Chances are you’ve already seen the Gender Equity Iceberg, and today, Laurie talks with Adrienne Murphy, Ph.D., of Dimitry|Murphy & Associates. Adrienne is a wicked smart psychologist, business leader, and consultant who works with professional women to align their jobs with their values. But what’s more is that Adrienne helps these women find their voice, develop their careers, and break through glass ceilings. Even so, her common-sense approach to careers and life can help men, too.

  • Adrienne doesn’t just believe that work is broken. She has proof. She held a focus group filled with professional women who have opted out of the workforce and instead, spent their time doing ‘meaning-making’ work. These are the types of women, along with first-time professionals, are the focus of Adrienne’s work.
  • When Adrienne works with these women, she has two primary things to teach. First, your career is an asset, just like your portfolio. Second, if you want to be something more than a director, you need to know yourself. Adrienne explains what she means and gives some great examples of how to do both.
  • Laurie and Adrienne dig into the layer beneath opting out of the workforce by asking why these women choose to follow a different path, and the reason might surprise you. Naturally, there’s the money, the hierarchy, the inequality, the glass ceiling, but that’s not all. Adrienne believes that it’s also values that clash with one other within a single woman.
  • It’s not always easy to use your voice when you don’t have words to describe the problems you experience. Adrienne has some powerful advice for you that includes sitting with your feelings for enough time to give them words, and then being mindful of how you communicate them to others.
  • Have you seen the Gender Equity Iceberg infographic in your social media feeds? (If not, find it here!) Laurie and Adrienne take a closer look at the iceberg theory, from legal to cultural issues, and what to do about them. In addition, the illegal actions that occur won’t go away until the cultural behaviors, those below the waterline on the iceberg, are dealt with as well.
  • Would you believe that some companies are actually recognizing fathers and their role in parenting by giving them paternity leave? It’s this and a few other heartwarming things Adrienne shares that gives her hope about the future of work.
  • Speaking of the future of work, Adrienne has an interesting viewpoint of how technology will help people map out their career path. But what is REALLY fascinating is how she believes that women have influenced the workforce in such a way that the traditional hierarchy will give way to project-based organization.
  • Adrienne has some beautiful words to share around #itdoesnthavetobethisway. You might not be able to make change in your life immediately, but with a plan and an open mind, your life doesn’t have to be this way.

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