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Punk Rock HR

Sep 30, 2019

Let’s Fix Work Episode 78

One of my biggest professional regrets in the world of HR was not having a mentor. I'm not alone. Many of you don't have mentors either and I know it because you email me and ask me questions about how to find a mentor. Or you ask what to do once you have a mentor, how not to lose that person or mess that relationship up. Since I'm not qualified to answer questions about mentorship, I thought I would invite an expert onto the show who can. This week's guest is Mike Sipple, Jr. who is a mentor to mentors, seriously.

Mike is the President of Centennial, Inc., the Founder and CEO of the Talent Magnet Institute and he's the host of the Talent Magnet Institute podcast. That's a lot of jobs. I don't know how this man finds time to mentor, but he does. He mentors many people within human resources and recruiting. He teaches mentorship, he instructs, he leads, and he guides. And he is working to elevate the way mentorship is delivered in organizations all across the world. So if you want to raise your game as a worker, as a leader, as a human being or maybe, as a mentor, sit tight and listen to this episode of Let’s Fix Work

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. Why mentorship and mentoring is so important to Mike
  2. Holistic leadership and the importance of being focused on our whole selves
  3. What makes someone qualified to be a good mentor and Mike answers the question, “Can you be a good mentor if you are not a leader?”
  4. Where to find a mentor and how to ask someone to be your mentor
  5. The importance of taking an active role in learning and how to best prepare for a meeting with your mentor
  6. The appropriate amount of meetings that you should have with a formal mentor 
  7. The difference between a mentor and a coach
  8. Knowing when it’s time to pivot or move on from your current mentor
  9. How to know when a mentor/mentee relationship is going well versus some signs when it’s not

“Life is not a solo sport. If you feel like you're the only one, like you're by yourself, that it is a solo sport and no one understands, now is a wonderful time to seek out a mentor.” Mike Sipple, Jr.

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