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Punk Rock HR

Nov 11, 2019

Let’s Fix Work Episode 83

Kris Dunn’s book, 9 Faces of HR, is awesome. I hope to have him as a guest on the podcast in the future. In the meantime, let me tell you briefly about his book. He has broken up the world of HR into 9 personas using a nine-box grid. It is a great book for personal development, professional development, self leadership, and to understand who you are and what you have to offer. I love Kris, his framework, and his model. I also think the concept of nine HR personas is really interesting. 

Not to steal Kris’s thunder, but I think there are three personality types when it comes to HR professionals. Today, I am going to dive into who they are and how they view organizations like SHRM. So if you want to hear about the three personality types of the HR profession and hear some talk about SHRM, then sit back and listen to this episode of Let’s Fix Work

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. The three personality types of Human Resources
  2. Why some think the world's largest HR management association doesn't do HR very well 
  3. How SHRM can be relevant to all three personas 
  4. The idea that if you work in human resources, you have to love HR
  5. The importance of developing a network of people who know how to play the HR game
  6. A reminder that you need friends outside of HR

Resources from this episode:
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9 Faces of HR, by Kris Dunn
Mary Faulkner on LinkedIn
SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition
Victorio Milian on Let’s Fix Work
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