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Punk Rock HR

Jan 20, 2020

Let’s Fix Work Episode 91:

On today's show, I'm talking to Keita Williams. She's the founder and chief strategist of Success Bully. Success Bully is an elite accountability practice for high achievers and Type As who are stuck and need strategic support (aka a professional butt-kicking) to create momentum in their personal and professional lives. 

Keita is a former corporate PR executive turned accountability coach but she's more than just a coach. She is a mogul. She is a magnet. And she really wants you to set some goals and be accountable. Yet, she knows just how hard it is and she’s prepared to teach you how so you’re set up for success.

During our conversation, we talk about goal setting, but not in an HR executive boring, kind of way. Nope. We talk about why it's so hard to create goals and how we're going to turn that around in 2020. We're all human. We all have big dreams. Sometimes we fall short but we can do better. Gaining some clarity around accountability is half the battle. So, if you're interested in a conversation about the concept of accountability and goal setting, check out this episode of Let’s Fix Work


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. Ways Keita drives accountability with individuals and corporations. 
  2. How to temper accountability with healthy thinking.
  3. Behind the scenes information on Keita’s Sunday Goal Setting Webinars plus some recommended accountability tools.
  4. Can partners or spouses be accountable to one another? Keita answers this question! 
  5. Keita’s biggest professional failure and how she came back from it.
  6. The origin story of Success Bully the brand and how the business came to be.


Resources from this episode:

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