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Punk Rock HR

Apr 27, 2020

Punk Rock HR Episode 105: 


If you are like many, you may be wondering what you would do if you came down with COVID-19 and how you would maneuver the testing process, treatment, and recovery. Well, April Matan, my childhood bestie, is on the podcast today to share her experience. April is an HR-professional turned dental hygienist. She caught the novel coronavirus from her husband, who got it at work. She has since recovered, and of course, I am very relieved. 


In today's episode, April talks about navigating her COVID-19 diagnosis, her testing experience, her recovery, and shares her thoughts on returning to work. We also talk about what an absolute mess the COVID-19 response has been. My challenge for you today is to learn from April's experiences.  

In this episode you'll hear:

  1. April shares how and when she began to feel sick, as well as some of her symptoms.
  2. She wants everyone listening to know the most important thing to understand is that you might not get the classic symptoms. You might be sick and not know you have COVID-19. 
  3. How April went about getting medical help via a telemedicine appointment and what the doctor advised.
  4. She shares her entire testing experience, from how a website helped her determine if she was eligible for COVID-19 testing (she was) and what the testing experience was like. 
  5. Find out how April got her test results and what happened when the CDC contacted her. 
  6. Is this just like the flu? Hear April’s response. 
  7. We discuss the notion of people rushing back to work. Is it a good idea? 
  8. Many leaders are asking, “How do I know if my employees are working when they are working from home?” And, “If we let them work from home, how do we get them back to the office?” April shares her thoughts.


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