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Punk Rock HR

Jun 8, 2020

Punk Rock HR Episode 112:

So, what does a Canadian millennial entrepreneur know about making a comeback? This week's guest, Emily O'Brien, founder of Comeback Snacks, is going to tell us. In today's episode, Emily opens up about her journey from a sales professional at a global corporation to an entrepreneur, to a convicted felon, and then back again to an entrepreneur. She is someone who is trying to give back, make amends, and help her community. 


Many motivational professionals like to say the setback is a setup for the comeback. And often, it sounds over-sensationalized. But in the case of Emily's story, I think that's true. If you'd like to hear about a person who overcame their worst instincts and how they turned it around, I think you're going to love this conversation with Emily O'Brien.


In this episode you'll hear:

  1. Emily's story of graduating college with honors, starting her own business, and how things took a left turn when she got arrested.
  2. She shares openly about life after her arrest, being sentenced, and going to jail. 
  3. How prison forces you to be mindful in a weird, unfortunate way. 
  4. She started her popcorn business, Comeback Snacks, in prison.
  5. How Emily deals with the pressures of entrepreneurship. 
  6. Emily's perspective on how to grow as a leader and challenge yourself to do better.
  7. What Emily would like Executives and HR professionals to learn from her story. 


Resources from this episode:

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