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Punk Rock HR

Jul 6, 2020

Punk Rock HR Episode 116:

Today on the podcast, I’m talking to my best friend, Jennifer McClure. We have one of our BFF chats, Jennifer’s first on this iteration of the podcast. 

During COVID-19, a lot has changed in Jennifer’s life. She has moved into her new house, navigated through the sickness of a family member, and rebooted her business. Like many of us, these life changes brought on by the pandemic have taught her many life lessons. Jennifer shares those with us today. 

Jennifer is a full-time professional speaker, business advisor, and host of the podcast Impact Makers. She has spoken at over 350 industry-related conferences, helping international leaders embrace the future of work and leverage their influence. In this episode, she updates us on her life and provides valuable wisdom on all different areas of work.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  1. Jennifer’s experience selling her house in a pandemic.
  2. The story of how her mom became sick in March and what that taught her about herself.
  3. The capacity of humans to step up and care for other humans.
  4. How she is now rebooting her business.
  5. How hiring a coach at the beginning of her transition from the corporate world changed the trajectory of her career.
  6. The way to know if your content is providing value to your email community.
  7. How COVID-19 has impacted Laurie’s business.
  8. Why any step forward is a good step.
  9. The real truth about what it’s like to write a book.
  10. Jennifer’s wisdom around getting fired.


Resources from this episode:

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StoryBrand Book

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