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Punk Rock HR

Jul 20, 2020

Punk Rock HR Episode 118:

Lauren Davis was a marketer, community organizer, and record store owner. Her real claim to fame, though, is that she does social media for conferences speakers like me. She helps speakers really connect with their audiences in a different way. 

Lauren has been named as one of the "20 People You Should Know" and a "Person to Watch." She has also received US Senate recognition for her passionate dedication to helping businesses succeed. Her expert social media advice has been featured in articles by Huffington Post and Readers Digest. She hosts her own podcast, The Business Event Playbook, that helps people grow their presence so they can focus on sales, exposure, leadership, and community impact.

Lauren is all about community in a virtual world. I needed to bring her on today to talk about what is going on in the world of conferences. Many of us have questions about how speakers are doing and what the future of networking and events looks like. Today we talk about this and what it means to have a conference in an age when you can’t stand within six feet of someone.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  1. Why she loves conferences.
  2. What the conference world looks like in the age of Coronavirus.
  3. What the future state of conferences is.
  4. The limitations of the push towards virtual.
  5. How to have a successful virtual conference.
  6. How to create good content in uncertain times.
  7. The importance of empathy in this season.


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