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Punk Rock HR

Jul 27, 2020

Punk Rock HR Episode 119:

Zach Nunn is a change management consultant and one of the co-founders of the podcast and movement Living Corporate. The goal of that platform is to tell black and brown stories related to the world of work. You think you’ve heard good conversations about diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging, but you have not heard Living Corporate. 

On the show, Zach and his team talk to all kinds of people and have real conversations. They talk about the types of things that aren’t normally talked about at work or even in diversity inclusion programs. It is a terrific podcast that everybody needs to download and listen to.

In the episode, Zach shares about the work he is doing. He explains why it has become his goal to create platforms in spaces that amplify and center black and brown voices at work. Zach has a perspective that causes him to speak with authority and provide answers to the questions many of us are asking, especially regarding what we can do to help right now. Listen in for another conversation on big ideas to do things differently.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  1. Zach’s story and how Living Corporate came to be.
  2. The team of people who helps make Living Corporate happen.
  3. Why Zach confronted white DNI professionals on the podcast.
  4. A healthy perspective on the need to defund HR.
  5. How to keep this antiracism movement from becoming another cyclical thing and make it a true reconstructive moment.
  6. Why it is crucial for white people to be giving our capital.


Resources from this episode:

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