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Punk Rock HR

Oct 9, 2023

The very essence of work, culture, and leadership is in flux. Are you prepared to keep up?

Today, Laurie welcomes Daniel Chait, co-founder and CEO of Greenhouse Software, who guides us through this shifting landscape. Daniel uncovers the changing dynamic between employees and corporations in the modern age, emphasizing how remote work opportunities have boosted employee empowerment and self-actualization. He explains how this evolution has transformed the role of a CEO and how leaders can leverage these changes to cultivate a robust organizational culture.

As Laurie and Daniel delve deeper into the conversation, we pivot to the role of employee resource groups (ERGs) in shaping a trusting work environment. Daniel passionately asserts the importance of acknowledging ERGs' contributions and the necessity to balance diverse needs within a company. 

The conversation takes another turn as Laurie and Daniel venture into the contentious topic of alcohol consumption at Greenhouse. Daniel candidly shares his perspective on building meaningful work friendships amid professional boundaries and his personal journey navigating these intricate terrains. 

Tune in for an interesting conversation on the evolving norms of work, leadership, and organizational culture.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How the evolution of remote work has empowered employees and reshaped the role of CEOs
  • The importance of creating a culture that empowers employees to provide valuable feedback and the role of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in fostering an environment of trust and open communication
  • The need for recognition for ERG leaders due to the additional work they do to maintain these groups
  • Alcohol’s role in workplace culture at Greenhouse in conjunction with the diverse needs and vulnerabilities of employees
  • Daniel Chait’s personal experience of a misunderstanding around alcohol at a company event that highlights the importance of being aware of the different experiences and struggles of employees
  • Difficult decisions and accommodations needed in creating a company culture that makes all employees feel included and comfortable
  • Setting expectations around behavior at work events, especially when alcohol is involved

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