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Punk Rock HR

Oct 9, 2023

Join me as I welcome Dr. Ben Yerxa, the CEO of Opus Genetics, into our series on the intersection of alcohol and work culture. Dr. Yerxa brings his vast leadership experience to the table, giving us an invaluable perspective on cultivating a healthy work environment. We delve into the intricate dynamics of alcohol in professional settings, ranging from corporate board dinners to the daily operations of a biotech company, and discuss the importance of mindful drinking.

Get ready for a thrilling ride as we explore the complexities of work dynamics, stressful board dinners, and the increasing popularity of alcohol alternatives. Plus, we'll be peeking into Dr. Yerxa's tenure at Inspire where he experienced company culture molded by openness, trust, and timely coaching. This is one episode you don't want to miss - prepare to be both educated and entertained by our conversation with Dr. Ben Yerxa!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The intersection of alcohol and work culture, exploring how alcohol plays a role in professional settings, from boardrooms to biotech companies.
  • Dr. Ben Yerxa shares his experiences managing diverse teams and fostering a healthy work environment, emphasizing the importance of mindful consumption of alcohol.
  • Discussion of corporate board dinners and the potential implications of alcohol consumption in these settings, with Dr. Yerxa advising against overindulgence as a "career-limiting move."
  • Examination of alcohol's role in facilitating professional interactions and relationships in various work settings, including receptions, fundraisers, and networking events.
  • A look at the emerging popularity of alcohol alternatives, such as mocktails, and generational preferences around alcohol consumption.

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