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Punk Rock HR

Oct 16, 2023

Before juggling a demanding career and the joys of motherhood, Karina Monesson—a Senior Manager of Human Insights, Research, and Advisory at UKG—found herself spiraling into the abyss of addiction. 

In this episode of Corporate Drinker, Karina candidly recounts her entanglement with alcohol and subsequent recovery to paint a sobering picture of addiction's effects on both personal and professional life. We also tackle the often overlooked motherhood penalty in the workplace and the balancing act of career and family life.

As we uncork the bottle on corporate culture’s relationship with alcohol, we confront the challenge of identifying substance use disorders among us. The pandemic's influence on this issue is undeniable, with an alarming surge in alcohol consumption and substance-related deaths. Corporate America's pervading "work hard, play hard" ethos comes under the microscope as we propose ideas for healthier, balanced team-building experiences. We conclude the episode with a frank discussion about the stigma surrounding addiction, its presence in the workplace, and the crucial role of managers in supporting employees battling this silent demon.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and join us as we reveal the often-overlooked ties between work, alcohol, and addiction.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Karina Monesson’s personal journey with alcohol addiction and recovery and how it changed in the light of her career and motherhood
  • The complex relationship between corporate culture and alcohol and the rise of substance use disorder during the pandemic
  • The “work hard, play hard” ethos in Corporate America and the need for healthier team-building experiences that don't revolve around alcohol
  • An analysis of the often overlooked “motherhood penalty” in the workplace and the struggle of balancing career and family life
  • A sobering look at addiction in the workplace, with data showing 75% of those with substance use disorder are full-time employees
  • The stigma and misconceptions around addiction and the importance of managers supporting employees battling addiction
  • An emphasis on fostering a solid manager-employee relationship to open up conversations about addiction and recovery

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