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Punk Rock HR

Oct 23, 2023

Have you ever found yourself clutching a soda at a conference or corporate event, deflecting questions about your choice of beverage? Has anyone ever guessed if you're pregnant, in recovery, or part of the LDS church?

Mary Ellen Slayter, founder and CEO of Rep Cap, knows precisely how you feel. We journey alongside her through the maze of conference lingo, unraveling the intricate ties between work, culture, and alcohol. Together, we navigate the sometimes choppy waters of gender dynamics at these events, where professional boundaries often blur into social ones.

But there's more to corporate events than just drinks. We venture into the topic of inclusivity in corporate gatherings, brainstorming ways to accommodate dietary restrictions and promote accessibility. No one should feel left out at a corporate retreat or happy hour, and we're committed to finding solutions. Lastly, we probe the idea of renegotiating our relationship with alcohol, aiming to enhance everyone's experience at these events.

Tune in for a deep dive into how we can build cultures of inclusion and belonging in the workplace, alcohol or not.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The role of alcohol in corporate events and the need for more inclusive practices, featuring guest Mary Ellen Slayter, founder and CEO of Rep Cap
  • An analysis of gender dynamics at conferences and the prevalence of alcohol consumption and its effects on professional boundaries
  • How the consumption of alcohol can blur professional and social boundaries, particularly within the Human Resources industry
  • Strategies to make corporate events more inclusive, including catering to dietary restrictions and offering non-alcoholic beverage options
  • The impact of alcohol at corporate retreats and happy hours and the need to make these events accessible to everyone
  • The idea of renegotiating our relationship with alcohol to enhance everyone's experience at work events, promoting a culture of inclusion and belonging
  • Some practical advice on how employees can propose changes to work events to make them more inclusive and the importance of collective action and solution-focused approaches

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