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Punk Rock HR

Oct 30, 2023

On this episode of Corporate Drinker, uncover the potential of ketamine therapy in treating alcohol use disorder and trauma.

Laurie’s conversation with Dr. Hani El-wafi, a board-certified psychiatrist and expert in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, promises to demystify the nature of cravings and addiction, shedding light on Buddhist concepts and exploring mindfulness and nutrition in fostering healing. You will also get a firsthand account of the often daunting world of psychiatric emergency rooms, providing an understanding of how people with addictions seek relief.

Feel the difference between a psychedelic and an empathogen as we break down what it's like to experience ketamine in a supportive environment. Dr. El-wafi elucidates the profound relaxation, warmth, and tingling that signifies transitioning from "doing mind" to "being mind." Discover how ketamine can be an instrument for cultivating self-love, acceptance, and trust, and understand the pivotal relationship between one's intention and substance use. Get a glimpse of the transformative healing when someone embarks on ketamine therapy at Transformance Health.

We'll explore how Dr. El-wafi's Corporate America experience has influenced his perception of addiction and healing. Together, we'll examine the neuroscience behind neural pathways and learn how to redirect away from harmful thought processes. The corporate drinking culture of New York City comes under scrutiny as we discuss how ketamine-assisted psychotherapy can alleviate underlying feelings of boredom, stress, and worry that often lead to alcohol misuse. We'll also delve into the paradox of using substances to reduce anxiety only to end up more anxious than before.

Don't miss this in-depth exploration of alcohol's impact on the brain and how ketamine therapy can be a game changer.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Dr. Hani El-wafi on the use of ketamine therapy in treating alcohol use disorder and trauma and its potential to demystify cravings and addiction
  • The transition from a "doing mind" to a "being mind" during a ketamine experience
  • Dr. El-wafi's perspective of addiction and healing, influenced by his Corporate America experience
  • The impact of corporate drinking culture in New York City
  • The paradox of using substances to reduce anxiety, which often leads to more anxiety
  • The effects of alcohol on the brain, primarily working on the GABA receptor, and how ketamine therapy can alleviate the anxiety caused by alcohol misuse
  • Ketamine therapy at Transformance Health and the need for safety, comfort, and a supportive environment
  • An example of transformative healing through ketamine therapy using the case of a patient re-experiencing and gaining a new perspective on a past traumatic event

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