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Punk Rock HR

Jan 15, 2024

Ever wonder how a split-second decision could redefine safety in your life?

On this episode of Punk Rock HR, LaToya "Ladi Ammo" Workman joins Laurie to unravel the layers of personal security and empowerment, sharing her expertise in managing risk in the digital realm while advocating for physical safety. With her track record as a top-tier cybersecurity professional by day and a personal security instructor by night, LaToya offers unique strategies to fortify our daily lives, from wielding non-lethal self-defense tools to the assertive use of your voice.

Breaking barriers is second nature to LaToya, a trailblazer in IT and cybersecurity—an industry where diversity is scarce. Her story is not just about overcoming the odds as a Black woman in tech but about her relentless endeavor to mentor others following her path. Beyond her professional journey, LaToya's Woman with a Weapon initiative is revolutionizing how women approach firearms, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to safely and confidently handle a weapon, all while challenging societal assumptions.

As the conversation wraps up, LaToya and Laurie touch upon the essential conversations around responsible gun ownership and the parallels between cybersecurity and personal defense. LaToya's dedication to comprehensive education shines, advocating for readiness and responsibility over fear. Her insights extend to the importance of social media discretion and intuition to navigate potential threats, proving that knowledge is power in the quest to create safer communities.

Join us to gain an empowered perspective on personal safety that goes beyond the basics and into the heart of proactive self-defense.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • LaToya "Ladi Ammo" Workman’s expertise in situational awareness and non-lethal self-defense tools
  • Her advocation for education in personal and corporate security
  • Overcoming challenges as a Black woman in the male-dominated fields of IT and cybersecurity
  • The creation of Woman with a Weapon to mentor and empower others
  • Situational awareness, responsible social media usage, and a layered defense strategy for both digital and physical safety
  • Firearm safety education for women, along with secure storage
  • The necessity of understanding self-defense laws and insurance
  • The relevance of social engineering in security and LaToya’s experiences with navigating security checks
  • Her vision for Woman with a Weapon to change societal perspectives on firearms, inspire Black women, and promote shooting as a sport and stress reliever
  • The services Woman with a Weapon offers
  • How Woman with a Weapon meets women at their level of experience and provides safe and supportive environments for learning about firearms and personal protection

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