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Punk Rock HR

Jun 17, 2024

Can AI revolutionize how we lead and manage teams?

On this episode of Punk Rock HR, Laurie sits down with Jim Barnett and Marc Maloy of Wisq to explore this question. From their successful stint with Glint, where they became leaders in employee engagement, to their current mission at Wisq, Jim and Marc share how AI is opening up continuous, personalized coaching to a broader audience. This episode uncovers the pivotal manager-employee relationship and how AI can create a more dynamic and thriving workplace.

We'll also unpack the practical applications of Wisq, a groundbreaking AI tool that provides managers with personalized coaching and expert advice within platforms like Slack and Teams. By focusing on soft skills like trust, authenticity, compassion, and empathy, Wisq aims to transform managers into more effective and people-centric leaders. Jim and Marc passionately discuss how these skills can be developed with the right tools and mindset, ultimately creating better workplace dynamics.

Don't miss this deep dive into the evolving landscape of AI in leadership and management!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • AI-powered coaching for managers: continuous, personalized support
  • The importance of manager-employee relationships and enhancing workplace dynamics
  • Introducing Wisq, an AI tool integrated with Slack and Teams for managerial coaching
  • An emphasis on soft skills: trust, empathy, and a service-oriented leadership approach
  • A discussion on whether good management skills are innate or can be learned
  • AI's role in making difficult conversations easier and encouraging honest feedback
  • Insights on the ideal customer profile for Wisq
  • The impact of AI on managerial effectiveness

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