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Punk Rock HR

Aug 3, 2020

Punk Rock HR Episode 120:

Gary Beckstrand is the vice president of The OC Tanner Institute. OC Tanner is a recognition company that’s focused on aligning people with their passion and their purpose. They do a tremendous amount of research on the employee in order to accomplish that goal. 

I have the amazing opportunity to partner with OC Tanner during the month of August on a webinar series called the Culture Trends Tour. This is a tour that brings together HR leaders, experts, and professionals to really connect and talk about the insights from OC Tanner’s 2020 Global Culture Report. I'm excited and honored to participate in it.

We talk a little bit about this partnership in today’s episode, but mostly Gary and I talk about terms like recognition and employee experience. We discuss what these things really mean for modern leaders and the people that they support. Listen in for a really great conversation about leadership and employee experience in 2020 and beyond.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  1. What employee experience means to Gary.
  2. The six aspects of employee experience that matter most when creating a satisfying work experience.
  3. The 21st-century methodology of leadership.
  4. The expectations of employees in 2020.
  5. How to begin moving a company towards modern leadership.
  6. The role of HR in the employee experience.


Resources from this episode:

Global Culture Report: Our latest organizational culture research looks at current culture trends, company culture statistics, and how employees feel about their workplaces. See how companies with strong cultures recruit and attract top talent, reduce employee turnover, and become places where employees thrive.

Culture Trends Tour: The Culture Trends Tour brings together HR leaders, experts, and professionals to connect and discover insights from the 2020 Global Culture Report—the largest annual study on workplace culture. Come to learn essential best-practices for shaping thriving workplace cultures that fuel organizational success.

Influence Greatness: The most insightful conference on workplace culture is going virtual and international. With world-class speakers, a first look at the 2021 Global Culture Report, a wealth of on-demand content, and no registration fee.

Talent Magnets: White Paper on the Six Essential Aspects of Workplace Culture  

The Work Place Podcast: Conversations with leaders in culture and experience, featuring tangible takeaways in every episode.

Request a Product Demo: Culture Cloud Recognition: Welcome to the most complete collection of employee recognition tools for celebrating daily wins and team triumphs.

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