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Punk Rock HR

Feb 19, 2024

Have you ever wondered how to navigate your first big conference without getting lost in the shuffle?

On this episode of Punk Rock HR, Laurie teams up with Samara Jaffe, co-founder and general manager of Transform, and Josh Schwede, HR tech guru, to share the insider track for newcomers. It's all about striking the perfect balance between self-care and forging deep connections rather than sprinting through every scheduled event.

But there's more to a conference than just showing up. It's about the community and the culture that it grows. Transform, once known as HR Transform, has blossomed into a hub for innovation within the HR industry. Samara is at the heart of it, cultivating a space where executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs can converge to shape the workplace of tomorrow. Through a tapestry of human-centric interactions and even some furry friends, this episode peels back the curtain on how Transform stands out in a sea of professional gatherings.

Finally, we’re not shying away from workplace concerns, addressing topics like women's health and sobriety in the workplace. And let's not forget the Transform Awards, a celebration of industry trailblazers that's anything but your average awards ceremony.

With practical takeaways for maximizing your conference experience and a sneak peek into the eclectic excitement of Transform 2024, this episode will resonate long after its conclusion.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Expert tips for first-time conference attendees, including comfort, hydration, and prioritizing meaningful interactions over attending every session
  • Transform 2024 as an HR ecosystem fostering innovation, community, and human-first interactions with unique elements
  • Women's health and workplace transformation
  • Upcoming talks on contemporary issues and the Transform Awards that spotlight industry leaders
  • The unconventional Transform 2024 Awards ceremony
  • The future for Transform as it expands to a global community intersecting workforce, healthcare, and education sectors, with potential international events
  • Samara Jaffe on creating impactful connections
  • Josh Schwede on navigating transitions within the HR tech industry
  • Practical advice for conference success

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