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Punk Rock HR

Jan 27, 2020

Let’s Fix Work Episode 92:

On today's show, I'm speaking to Elena Valentine, the Co-Founder, CEO, and Servant Leader of Skill Scout, a Chicago-based filmmaking company. Elena and her colleagues are workplace documentarians—they tell workplace stories. What's a workplace story? Well, it could be a video on a careers page. It could be a film attached to a job description. Or, it could be a welcome video on your first day of work. 

Listen in as Elena and I talk about the many different work environments and how every job has a purpose and a story behind it. If you're interested in a far-ranging discussion about workplace identity, tune into this episode of Let’s Fix Work


In this episode you’ll hear:

  1. BTS (behind the scenes) of a workplace filmmaker, what they do and how they do it.
  2. How social justice and equality intersect in workplace storytelling.
  3. Bridging the gap between HR departments and people in power with those doing the work.
  4. How Elena became a workplace filmmaker and why this is important to her.
  5. Elena answers the question, “Are there work environments that lend themselves to better stories compared to others?”
  6. The ethical dilemma of being asked to work with a company or organization whose values, mission, or viewpoints don’t necessarily match your values or those of your company.


Resources from this episode:

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