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Punk Rock HR

Mar 4, 2024

On this episode of Punk Rock HR, discover the secrets to aligning your career with your personal values as Laurie chats with BlogHer co-founder Elisa Camahort Page.

We walk down memory lane, reminiscing about the early internet days that revolutionized communication and fostered female empowerment through blogging. Elisa and Laurie’s conversation is a goldmine for understanding the delicate balance between nurturing a company's growth and adhering to your original mission—even when boardroom battles and investor pressures loom large. Plus, we get the inside scoop on Optionality, Elisa's latest venture with Jory Des Jardines, which reimagines professional communities for those who want to weave their values seamlessly into their work lives.

Prepare to explore the evolution of workplace culture, where the gig economy and the Great Resignation have reshaped our expectations for flexibility and meaningful work. Through the lens of Elisa's extensive experience, we discuss the transformation from online arenas full of bots and trolls to intimate sanctuaries crafted within platforms like Substack and Slack. Learn how these digital spaces nurture a new breed of online communities—private, controlled, and rich with engagement.

Whether you're a corporate veteran, an HR aficionado, or a solopreneur, this episode is your gateway to understanding and shaping the digital workplace of tomorrow.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Elisa Camahort Page’s reflections on the early internet's role in female empowerment and community building through blogging
  • The balance between company growth and staying true to original missions, even under investor pressures
  • An introduction to Optionality, a venture aimed at redefining work-life integration and aligning careers with personal values
  • Evolving workplace culture and the impact of the gig economy and the Great Resignation on expectations for work flexibility.
  • The transition from public online platforms to private, controlled digital spaces like Substack and Slack
  • The shift towards intimate, engagement-rich communities
  • Elisa's path from corporate tech to media and her desire to build a product with intrinsic value
  • Optionality and its aim to be a community-driven platform that fosters collaboration between workers seeking flexibility and companies adapting to the future of work

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